How to Pack A Moving Truck

Customers at Delaware Beach Storage Center are able to use our brand new moving truck. With 650 cubic feet of cargo room, that’s enough to move the contents of a small house or a two bedroom apartment in one trip!

Moving is stressful enough, so let us help you plan your move with some helpful tips we have learned over the years. You will be happy when you unpack and see all of your belongings organized and in great shape!

Before you even begin packing, make a plan. Preplanning on how you are going to pack, load and unload will save you a lot of time and energy. Remember, your goal during a move is to restrict the movement of the items in the vehicle as much as possible.

Now that you have a plan, use these tips to load your moving van in a safe and secure fashion!

  • Load your heaviest items first and keep them toward the front of the vehicle (toward the cab). This makes the vehicle more stable on the road.
  • Load chairs, tables, bookcases and other light awkward items toward the rear of the truck.
  • Use protective covers and furniture pads on sofas, chairs, tables and mattresses.
  • Load your truck or van one quarter at a time, packing it securely from floor to ceiling. Secure each quarter by tying it in place with the truck’s tie down rings.